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Climb with Michael Reardon! [Feb. 9th, 2007|05:48 pm]
North Eastern United States Climbers


Philadelphia based Climb4Life Team Bury the Dragon is auctioning off two hours of climbing time with Michael Reardon for the HERA Women's Cancer Foundation.

Go here to bid!

100% of proceeds will go to HERA Women's Cancer Foundation. HERA is a non profit all volunteer grass roots organization that is dedicated to raise money for Ovarian, Cervical and Uteran cancers through rock climbing events.

Auction closes on 2/17/07. The climb will take place in the evening of 2/18/07 at an undisclosed Philadelphia location.  The location is accessible via public transportation.


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(no subject) [Feb. 17th, 2006|01:05 pm]
North Eastern United States Climbers

Hello dear all - I just got into indoor climbing about a month ago, and I am enjoying it tremendously! It is definetely very addictive.
I have a couple of problems/concerns, and just wanted to see if anyone has any advice for me.
1) I bruise really easily, and I keep bumping into the walls with my knees. Basically, my legs and especially knees are covered with really big ugly bruises. Its not that big a deal (other then the fact that I can't wear skirts anymore...sigh) but is there any way to either avoid bruises or speed up the healing?
I am using Arnica gel and taking Arnica tablets, but it just doesn't seem to help...
2) I started to get blisters on my hands. Sorry for sounding like a sissy, but I'm a "girlie girl" and wanted to see if anyone knows how to avoid that too? Wearing gloves is not an option, and I tried taping up, but it restricts the movement as well. Any advice there?
Thank you all so very much in advance, and I am thrilled to discover climbing!
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Great Falls ACTION!!!! [Dec. 6th, 2005|05:18 pm]
North Eastern United States Climbers

Please everyone, despite of yr location, let the NPS know that Great Falls is a vital part of the climbing community in DC/Balto. Yr favorite spot could be next!!! UNITE!


To: GreatFallsClimbers@yahoogroups.com
From: PotomacMountainClub <greatfallsaccess@gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 14:25:18 -0500
Subject: [GreatFallsClimbers] Great Falls Email to get Comments

I've send this email to a bunch of email lists today to restart the
comments flowing - feel free to reuse for any individual lists you may

Simon Carr

*Public comments on the draft General Management Plan (GMP) for Great
Park, Virginia close December 15, 2005.*

This plan, once finalized and published, will guide the management
direction of Great Falls Park for the next 10-15 years.

* The draft GMP has very strong implications for local rock climbing.

* The National Park Service (NPS) preferred option would close three
areas for climbing and restrict access to a fourth area. The draft GMP
also proposes permits for climbing, permanent anchors and implies
possible further access restrictions.

*"Friends of Great Falls"* (*FOGF)* is a group of local climbers,
including members of the AAC and the Potomac Mountaineering Club, who
over the last three months have met on numerous occasions with NPS
staff. *FOGF* has researched extensively the various statements in the
draft plan concerning the impact of climbing on natural resources, the
justification proposed for many of the proposed changes. FOGF have
summarized the issues and their conclusions at

* *

*We need you to formally submit comments (preferably by email) to the
NPS before close of business, December 15*. To make this as easy as
possible, FOGF has prepared a list of points and an example of a letter

It is very important that all climbers respond, regardless of where you
presently reside in the world. If you live locally, please emphasize
the significance of the park as a local climbing area and the long
tradition of climbing there. If you reside outside the DC region,
emphasize the importance of Great Falls as an international climbing
point of interest.

If we are to convince the NPS to modify their proposals to something
more reasonable, we need climbers to comment - the more the better.

Again, don't procrastinate, go to
http://www.friendsofgreatfalls.com/comment.html and submit your comment
today � and copy these to greatfallsaccess@gmail.com
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hello. [Oct. 9th, 2005|12:04 am]
North Eastern United States Climbers

[Current Mood |contentcontent]

Hey all.

I'm Matt. I live in Western Maryland. Just stumbled across this community. Do most of you climb at Great Falls?
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